Because it happens in bigger houses and because there is no profession without prejudices, I passed down a list with the biggest prejudices about the accountants. How do some clients look at professional accountants and what are their biggest prejudices? And, on the other hand, what are the challenges that professional accountants face in dealing with customers? Here are some examples!

1. The computer does all the work! 

Because there are software and accounting software, many people live with the impression that the work the accountants are doing is simple and that all they have to do is insert the data into a software that will show them the results in two steps! And in no time, accounting is ready!

2. I do not understand why it takes so long.

Beyond the huge volume of work, many times customers think that everything that accountants have to do is simple operations that should not last too long. Furthermore, if they had time, many would do it alone.

3. The required rates are too high.

It is difficult to understand the ratio that is taken into account in such an equation when the work done by a professional accountant is difficult and has a very high volume, often on a daily basis. Furthermore, even if the volume of work in a month increases significantly, the payment, some clients think , should remain unchanged.

4. Accountants work only seasonally. 

Because many clients do not understand how the system works, they have the impression that professional accountants work only seasonally or just near deadlines. No wonder they would like to pay seasonally, even if we are not talking about occasional activities.

5. Accountants can also read between lines.

No, wrong. Accountants need all the information, and the errors that arise from not supplying information cannot be blamed on the professionals who sometimes try to deal with very few documents brought by the client.

6. Accountants love to work with numbers so they never get tired.

First of all, accountants are people, so it happens they know how stressful an impossible form or a site that does not work exactly on the last day of the statement can be! Even if many professional accountants do this with passion, it does not mean they are free from worries, fatigue, or money is just a bonus the client can decide whether to give it or not!