We make a difference

Our success is due to our experienced team of true professionals who are doing their utmost to provide the highest quality services according to our clients individual needs.

From our accountancy to the establishment of work procedures and the provision of specialist services, our team of accountants guarantees complete and correct solutions that cover the varied needs of each client.

Services designed to help you

The difference between GIA CONSULTING and other companies is found in the results.

Our customers enjoy a number of benefits such as:

  • reducing up to 50% of costs such as those allocated to internal bookkeeping;
  • more time for the priorities set by each person;
  • full confidence both in our experience and in the human and technical resources we allocate;
  • the responsibility for drawing up the accounting is transferred to us.

 We deal with everything accounting means:

  • registering and updating transactions in the registries of the beneficiary company;
  • compilation of check balances and VAT returns;
  • calculation of fiscal responsibilities;
  • the filing of tax and tax returns;
  • assisting the client and / or representing him during any controls.

In terms of logistics and support, we base our work on the specialized modules of an IT application that adheres to the smallest detail of the latest legislative requirements. The basic application we use is Winmentor Phabeda., for which we benefit from the company’s assistance and experience
But of course we also work with other applications according to the needs or wishes of our members: EnterSoft, WindSoft, Saga, Ciel, Nexus. As far as the information is concerned, the day-to-day legislation is provided by Sintact (Wolters Kluwer), to whom, we have been a client for over 15 years.
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